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Rencontres de Physique de la Vallée d'Aoste / Observation of the decay Xib- -> pK-K-

The decays of b hadrons to final states without charm quarks are an interesting laboratory in which to study CP violation. Significant CP asymmetries have been observed between the partial widths of several charmless decays of b mesons. However, CP violation has not been observed yet in baryon decays. Further measurements in this sector will help to improve the theoretical approaches used to determine whether the observed effects can be accommodated by the Standard Model or new sources of CP-violation are contributing. We present the search for the decays of the Ξb− and Ωb− baryons to the charmless final states ph−h′−, where h(′) denotes a kaon or pion, performed using a sample of pp collisions collected with the LHCb detector at a centre-of-mass of 7 and 8 TeV, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 3fb−1. The first observation of the Ξb− → pK−K− decay is obtained with a significance of 8.7 standard deviations, and evidence at the level of 3.4 standard deviations is found for the Ξb− → pK−π− decay. These modes may be used in future to search for CP asymmetries in the b-baryon sector.

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